There's not many practices that have their own MVA video or any video for that matter. There is credibility that comes with that kind of leverage.  How many people injured by an auto accident retain attorneys advertised on TV?  You probably can't afford your own television commercial, but you can certainly swing for few videos to help your fans do what they do best -- share your practice. 

Access these videos to label as your own (like white label vitamins), as a bonus, for purchasing 170 video templates from our template supplier for $97 by way of The JukeBoxLogo website.   

These templates allow you to do more for yourself in the way of video.   Bonus videos extend only to those businesses purchasing template package through any of the affiliate links to our template supplier located on this website.  Simply email us the email you used to make your purchase and you'll receive a download link.  That's 4:44 seconds of content relevant video!

Branded video gives the impression you've been around a while and helps establish a sense of trust. 

Use branded video for text messaging, emails, social media engagements or websites.  Or, use it to boost a Facebook ad locally?  Part of a waiting room video?  Video is a priceless commodity.  

Based on a semi pro price model (part time wedding videographer/hobbyist), video production is typically priced between $750 and $3000 per 1-2 minutes of finished video.

Using your bonus videos:  Does it matter that another provider is using the same core video in the next town over or across the country, or in Australia etc.?  

Branded video is an affordable patient/client acquisition and retention tool.  How about patient/client education or reminders?  There's a lot you can do with branded video. 

Return on investment is the big question that remains to be answered by you or your competition.