White Label Special

Great tool for barbers and stylists to promote their back to school special.   THIS COULD BE CONVERTED TO SHOE SALES, SCHOOL SUPPLY SALES, OR WHATEVER IMAGINATIVE IDEA YOU MIGHT HAVE IN MIND.  Set your special price (represented by the dollar sign in the video). Send us your logo or we can have your business name put down in letter form. Decide what, if any words, you'd like to have represented under your logo (website name, phone number, quote or whatever you like -- limited to 17 characters). Core video remains the same, except of course, the JukeBoxLogo stinger would be removed.  Price: $59  If you don’t mind others using the same core video (content, graphics, music and editing) then this might be right for you. You're basically buying license to the core content of the video to extend your brand logo by way of text, email or social media.  The value is in the content of the audio track.  Who doesn't know a parent that isn't celebrating the idea that school is starting again?     

Video Marketing Media

Think Jukebox!

Think Jukebox!
  • Amplify your logo with animation.
  • If you were to imagine every computer or mobile device as a jukebox and held an edge for stocking those jukeboxes with your own unique marketing videos that are always Side A quality, then that, would be something to be optimistic about. 
  • Available are logo stings, intros and outros with and without audio -- audio can be customized.  A great choice for social media marketing.
  • Specializing in providing high caliber content for the alternative healing, medical and legal professions. However, due to our abstract approach are able to help most businesses.
  • Don't get left behind -- quick stats
  • Let's start a conversation that focuses on ROI, informed decisions and a plan that's right for your business.  


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